Tuff Stuff is now BEOman Lawn & Garden!

Rooted in Quality

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About us

About Beoman

Beoman Lawn and garden was established in 2024 when the Manship’s made the decision to purchase the existing lawnmower sales and service center, Tuff Stuff. They had visions of creating a place
customers could come for all of their lawn and garden needs but still maintain the small town feel many desire today.

Beoman offers three major brands of lawnmowers to choose from and a full line of lawn care and power tools to help beautify any lawn or garden. Certified mechanics are trained in both gas and battery
powered equipment can help with any maintenance or repairs to lawnmowers, power tools and other small engine product.

Spring of 2024 Beoman will bring new excitement to Middletown with the addition of a garden center. Live plants, seeds, mulch, and more will available to make shopping for your gardening needs simple and

The owners of Beoman have deep roots in the area and believe in the importance of community involvement and working together to keep Middletown a great place to live and visit. So stop in , chat with the owner, and be reminded of what small town means.